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About Us

Okaw Truss, Inc. was established on 1976 in Arthur, Illinois. Okaw Truss, Inc. has earned the reputation of being a viable and competitive fabricator of wood roof and floor trusses. In addition to being an engineered component fabricator, Okaw Truss is also distributor for I-joists, LVL beams and construction hardware.

Okaw Truss, Inc. has and continues to supply components for the commercial, residential and agricultural industries. The latest technology combined with traditionally trained personnel results in a product we are all proud of.

Most recently Okaw Truss, Inc. has added the capacity to fabricate light gauge steel trusses. This commitment will allow us to better serve the multi-family, light commercial and institutional industries.

Okaw Truss, Inc. strives to establish and maintain long term partnerships, based on integrity with our customers, suppliers and employees. Our motto at Okaw Truss Inc. is "We are only here to serve".

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