Okaw Truss
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Light Gauge Steel Trusses

TrusSteel is the product of over fifty years of combined experience in the truss and CFS building products industry. Our cold formed steel trusses are is built upon the extensive truss engineering and software knowledge in Alpine TrussSteel products. As a result, TrusSteel trusses are exceptionally rigid with a high strength-to-weight ratio. They are delivered to the marketplace with industry-leading engineering analysis and shop drawings. We have a staff of cold-formed steel design engineers with many years of experience designing and building trusses.


    trussteel profile
  • High strength to weight ratio makes them easy to handle and install
  • TrusSteel provides straighter and tighter framing, with less maintenance than wood products
  • TrusSteel protects against insect attack, material deterioration and shrinkage, drywall nail pops, mold, and fire code non-combustible materials requirements
  • Steel construction in general will provide straighter, tighter, 'truer' framing and an overall structure that will require less maintenance than fiber products
  • Cold-formed steel trusses can augment traditional steel framing to achieve fully non-combustible structures where required by code

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